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Musculoskeletal Radiology

We provide precise musculoskeletal imaging interpretations, giving patients peace of mind in knowing their diagnoses are backed by fellowship-trained radiologists.


We specialize in a range of neuroradiology services, ensuring you always get the most accurate read, no matter how complex the case.


Get specialized care from group of experts and never second guess a read again.


Why Get a Second Opinion?

Accurate Interpretations

Confirming the accuracy of a diagnosis before starting any treatment is vital. A second opinion can offer peace of mind and guarantee that you receive the most suitable treatment.

Avoid Conflicting Diagnoses

If you’ve received different diagnoses from different healthcare providers, getting a second opinion can help you determine which diagnosis is accurate and take appropriate action.

Informed Decision Making

The anxiety and stress cause by uncertainty in your diagnosis can be overwhelming. An accurate second opinion can offer comfort, fostering a sense of confidence in both your diagnosis and treatment plan.

Tackle Lingering Symptoms

If your symptoms persist even after receiving a diagnosis and treatment, our second opinions can help you gain insights to underlying issues others might have missed.

A Collaborative Spirit

By incorporating insights from multiple radiologists, a second opinion can contribute to optimizing your overall care, ensuring that you receive the most effective and personalized treatment plan.

Swift Reporting

We ensure that our second opinions are both comprehensive and prompt, offering you timely insights when you need them most. Especially in the event that you are experiencing delays.


How it Works


Get in Touch

Get in touch with one of our representatives to complete a simple onboarding. Afterwards, simply send over your scans through our secure system.


Radiologist Review

Our expert radiologists will then review your scans and reports, providing an in-depth report aided by custom illustrations to help you understand your read.


Final Consultation

Following our report, we can provide guidance on any further actions that may be necessary for the best patient outcome, and answer any of your questions to give you peace of mind.

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Meet the Founder


Board Certified Radiologist, American Board of Radiology

Board Certified in Diagnostic Radiology and Fellowship Trained in Neuroradiology, Dr. Avery J. Knapp, Jr. has been actively practicing since 2008. Dr. Knapp received his Bachelors of Liberal Arts and Medical Degree at the University of Missouri – Kansas City. He completed his internship at Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago, IL, and his residency in Diagnostic Radiology at The Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City where he was selected as Chief Resident in Radiology. Dr. Knapp then completed Neuroradiology fellowship training at Harbor-UCLA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Expert Radiology’s inner workings.

We aim to deliver reports in 24 to 48 hours after we receive all items needed for interpretation.

Depending on your system, we can send you an automated PDF copy or we can build an HL7 connection.

Sure! you will have access to a browser-based client portal where you will be able to download reports and view images.

Call or email us! We have an in-house ticketing system for fastest resolution on all your support needs.

Expert Radiology Reports

In addition to expert witness services, Expert Radiology provides the highest-quality custom radiology reports. Ensure the accuracy and reliability of your medical imaging interpretations by leveraging our top-of-the-line reports system.

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