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Comprehensive services that better your imaging care

Veteran Fellowship-Trained Radiologists

Our group is enriched by board-certified radiologists with an abundance of experience. In-depth knowledge and a collaborative ethos are the hallmarks of our readings.

Custom Illustrations on Reports

Most of our reports come with custom illustrations, enhancing clarity and aiding both clinicians and patients in understanding the findings.

Subspecialty Mastery

Our team is comprised of subspecialty-trained expert radiologists proficient in diverse areas, from neuroradiology to musculoskeletal imaging.

Swift Reporting

Recognizing the essence of time, we ensure that our interpretations are both comprehensive and prompt, offering physicians and patients timely insights.

A Collaborative Spirit

Our service transcends reading images. We actively collaborate with referring physicians to ensure that broader clinical contexts underpin our interpretations.

Experience in Backing up our Findings

We stand firmly behind our findings. With the ability and experience to support, clarify, and present our findings, we offer dependable backing for second opinions, court cases, or depositions as required.

Coast to Coast Expertise​

Our extensive national footprint is a testament to the trust imaging centers across the United States place in our services. Each dot on the map signifies an imaging center that relies on our expertise for precise, detailed reads.

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licensed across 50 states


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A Clear Differentiator​

Our stance on the graph illuminates our commitment

Exceptional Interpretative Skills: Positioned at the pinnacle, our high-quality reads ensure that every diagnosis is accurate and actionable.

Value-Driven Excellence: Quality radiological interpretations that are both exceptional and cost-effective.

Streamlined Communication: Efficiency in our workflows means clear, rapid communication between centers, ensuring no detail is missed.

Precision in Every Pixel: Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our expert radiologists ensure highly accurate and detailed diagnoses, setting a gold standard in care.

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Comprehensive Coverage

All-inclusive services providing you top notch care

Subspecialty Care

Expert Radiology’s radiologists can help you and your patient no matter the complexity of the case. We cover:

MRI Brain, Spine, Musculoskeletal, ECT, and more

CT Scans


Advanced DTI Studies

Expert radiologist looking over scans at her desk
Expert Radiology report thumbnails

Detailed Reports

Our expert radiologists’ highly detailed reports aided by custom figures to help you and your patients understand your scans easily.

Custom Figures and Illustrations

Clinical Indication



Expert Consultation

Reinforce your business needs by teaming up with Expert Radiology for support beyond scans.

Medical Reports

Second Opinion Reports

Telephone, High Quality Video and/or In-Person Conference for Plaintiff and Defense Cases

Expert Testimony

Expert radiologist providing testimony

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Expert Radiology’s inner workings.

We aim to deliver reports in 24 to 48 hours after we receive all items needed for interpretation.

Depending on your system, we can send you an automated PDF copy or we can build an HL7 connection.

Sure! you will have access to a browser-based client portal where you will be able to download reports and view images.

Call or email us! We have an in-house ticketing system for fastest resolution on all your support needs.

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